Great kingdoms like America, South Africa and even our nation Ghana were built on the backs of those who had an unwavering determination. It did not matter the trials or the difficulty they faced. It was not predicated on the adverse situations that seemed to surround them as they built families, farmed the land, established towns and cities and created businesses. I am convinced that your level of determination will set the standard for achievement and overcoming the adversities in life.
Life in its fullness and all human endeavors including marital relationships requires a great deal of toughness, grit, strength, and commitment, but you must be determined to overcome adversity, pain, mistakes and failure in order to be successful.
Sometimes I wonder why people tend to live different lifestyles from the dating periods through to the honeymoon escapades and then the aftermath of living together for days, weeks and months. All of a sudden the one time lovebirds start living as though they have been forced by an external force to stay and live their lives together. What is it that so easily steals that desire and passion of wanting to eat together, scroll the streets holding hands and wanting pecks and kisses irrespective of who is watching? Probably we sometimes forget that difficult times will come and that the journey to life successes isn’t a smooth pathway.
There will always be opportunities to give up and throw in the towel. I remember one time a lady friend made mockery of me that I was making a fool of myself with the thought of me staying unsullied in the hope of marrying a virgin and having a glorious family. There were times the picture people painted made it seemed like there was nothing good sacrificing for in the future. I had faced much adversity, trial, doubt and negative criticism from others. Even when I had to decide on the woman to marry; but I thank God that He gave me a strong determination to not give in to what “people” said and not give up on the “vision”! I can confidently say IF I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE A WIFE AGAIN – I WILL REFUSE THAT OPPORTUNITY BECAUSE I MAY NOT GET THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN TO LOVE AGAIN.
I have seen 7-major keys that connect to unwavering determination for successful marriages.
1. Faith in God,
2. Mutual love,
3. Mutual respect,
4. The ability to forgive,
5. The ability to communicate effectively,
6. Physical intimacy, and
7. A sense of strong family values.
It is no doubt that divorce rate among believers and non-believers is in the ascendency but then, it may be encouraging to know that there are over 50 percent of Christians who are determined to stay married. Of that fifty percent, those who wage a constant battle against the attack on the family do so because they are firmly rooted and grounded in the Word of God or staunch in core Christian beliefs.
Couples who succeed at marriage have a strong faith in the Creator and Founder of holy matrimony. They willingly yield their hearts, minds, bodies and souls to abide by the scriptures and are not eager to find a way out of wedlock or search for scriptural loopholes. The make the choice to stay true come what may. Their unwavering determination keeps them going!
You can stand any storm, even when the winds of discord or disharmony threaten to beat against your house with YOUR WILL TO STAND. The truth is the enemy will continue to bring floods of marital woes like infidelity, joblessness, family interferences or chronic illness.
Faith-filled believers are bold soldiers, prayer warriors, and infantrymen who have learned how to tenaciously hold onto God and to each other through every adversity. They do so not only because of a trust in God, but also an understanding of the sanctity and purpose for holy matrimony. We all need a personal conviction in the power of God to bring us through any situation and make the marriage work. It is a decision we must make…!
What is your vision in that relationship? Are you determined to see it come to pass and live out your dreams? Along the way, you may face trials and tribulations and have doubt. You may have those that are close to you tell you that “it will never happen, you can’t do that.” You may even fail a time or two, but I encourage you to never give up, never throw in the towel and bow out. Be strong in your faith and have a great determination that says “I will, in spite of….!” “It will be good irrespective of…!”
God Bless you!

About Jacaboba Jerome

A Prince of the King of the Universe. So much blessed and favoured with divine giftings and opportunities in life. Passionate for holiness and service. Interested in reading, writing and speaking engagements.Agriculturist by profession - Human Resource Empowerment by Occupation
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